Made to order

Warp & Weft Old Town Hastings Made To Order Custom Garments

Drawing on her love of folk and traditional clothing from other cultures, combined with her extensive knowledge of historic costume and workwear, Leida has gradually developed an evolving and expanding collection of men’s and women’s contemporary prototypes.

Within this range of detailed calico and canvas toiles in 4-5 sizes, she has subdivisions of smaller collections each referencing the culture and period Leida has derived inspiration from.

In her pursuit of sustainable and affordable slow fashion, Leida is determined that her clients have a shared investment in the development of their “Made to Order” garments by taking the time to enjoy the  process of finding the ideal style for their body shape and the most appropriate fabric according to lifestyle and needs, this will lay the foundations of a capsule wardrobe for life. It’s not about how much you own but the quality and integrity of what you own.

From consultation to finished garments the lead time is normally around 3 weeks and prices are dependent on the fabrics used and any alterations that may be required. Before committing, you will be provided with a finished cost and will be required to pay a deposit before work commences.

The garments are made by hand, onsite or locally to an exacting standard by her small team of talented and highly skilled makers.  

If you would like to book a consultation with Leida at the Hastings, Old Town Store, please then get in touch subject line "Made to order" Please include your name and contact details and a brief description of what you would like to achieve.